Backyard Marketing (Backyard Business Builder)

Backyard Marketing (Backyard Business Builder)

We understand how difficult it is for your hotel staff to prospect and uncover new business in the local market place.So much time is spent with operations, everyday needs at the property, and maintenance of current accounts that there never seems to be time to go after new accounts.That’s where SDR comes in

Let us jump start your sales effort by building a new database of potential prospects at the local level.Then we will act as an extension of your sales force, representing your hotel with a customized, targeted outbound call program.

Our interviewers will qualify top local accounts and demand generators for your hotel and as we uncover these opportunities we will send them to you for follow up.Each profile will include qualified information such as:Contact Name, Decision Making process, current hotels used locally, room rate requirements, annual / monthly room volume locally, reason for travel, and special needs.We will also provide specific action steps for follow up so all you have to do is contact the client and do what you do best ----SELL!

In addition to the lead opportunities we uncover for your hotel we will also build a database for your hotel to continue to follow up and market to at the local level---a powerful selling tool that gives you an advantage over other limited or mid service level properties locally.

With the Backyard Corporate Business Builder Program we have seen hotels that make a minimal investment walk away with tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue.So let’s get started today!

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