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What Makes Us Unique

In the world of telemarketing, SDR is unique in a number of critical ways.

  • All Programs are Customized and Proprietary

Unlike many telemarketing and lead gen organizations, we build every program around each specific customer's needs. Every customer has different needs, therefore every program must have different objectives. We customize everything from start to finish.

  • We Believe in What We Do

Telemarketing can be a difficult and thankless job. It is time consuming and it requires a high volume of calls to reach that new customer or lead opportunity. This "grunt work" is necessary, however, to find new customers -- especially with the changing economy and emerging markets. While most Sales Managers dread having to make prospecting calls, at SDR, we see it as a welcome challenge and we believe in what we do. We aren't just making cold calls, we are building intellectual capital and marketing intelligence. And, that is the most powerful tool available to any organization today.

  • State of the Art Call Center Technology

Our Technology allows us to reach out to a high volume of new potential customers without sacrificing quality control standards. Standard reporting and recording of data allows for quality checks and detailed data analysis in real time. We are accountable for every call we make on a daily basis. Our goal is to educate you on our findings from a market research standpoint and to keep you as informed as possible throughout the program. We encourage clients to take advantage of our expertise and will advise and make recommendations if the program faces any challenges.

  • Our Expertise and Experience in the Hospitality Industry

For over 17 years, SDR has created unique and comprehensive Sales Support programs for Hotels, Resorts and CVBs. Our clients have actually assisted in developing many of our most popular services today. We listen and learn from our customers, and this has allowed us to expand our expertise in the Hospitality Industry. Our interviewers are well versed in the terminology, methodology and experience of Meeting Planners. And, they understand the challenges that Conference Center Sales Managers face on a daily basis. Our success is directly attributed to the fact that our interviewers are NOT salespeople. However, they are information gatherers.

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